Thomas W. Deiters Engineering - FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

Thomas W. Deiters Engineering, Inc.

Thomas W. Deiters Engineering offers professional aerospace structural engineering support services. We provide engineering support for any size and type project and/or maintenance and/or modification issue, leveraging various qualifications including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representative (DER) credentials outlined in the derdirectory and 14 CFR authorities. We serve individual aircraft owners and  small to mid-sized operators and repair stations. We can perform consulting services for clients who do not have engineering support staff, and can also coordinate our efforts with clients' personnel.

Thomas W. Deiters Engineering was responsible for the approval of the structural development, design, and substantiation of the Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deployed in endeavors to contain the Ebola virus.

The Company

Thomas W. Deiters Engineering is an S corporation headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia, outside Atlanta. The company's CEO and principal employee, Thomas W. Deiters, is an experienced and educated professional engineer with a breadth of experience in aerospace.

The FAA Atlanta ACO Branch issued a letter of delegation granting DER Thomas W. Deiters AMOC repair approval authority for AD 2006-25-02 paragraph (a) and (c) November 02, 2017.

The company also leverages a network of trained, experienced professionals in aviation in order to provide top-notch service to clients (see "Partners" page).

Thomas W. Deiters

Thomas W. Deiters has forty years experience in aerospace and worked for five major original equipment manufacturers (including Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas and Pratt & Whitney) and also served as an independent aerospace consultant before incorporating his venture Thomas W. Deiters Engineering, Inc. in 1995. 

He is delegated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Consultant Designated Engineering Representative (DER) with an authority in 14 CFR certification regulations. In addition, he is a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed by the States of Georgia and Ohio. 

He specializes in static, fatigue, design construction, damage tolerance, functions that involve complex stress and life assessment analyses for aerospace structural systems including military and commercial applications.  He has knowledge in classical solid mechanics and applied computer techniques in aircraft and engine structural integrity.


His background touches the following platforms, Airbus A-320, Beech A23, B-55, B-58, B76, C90, E90, 390, Bell 412, Boeing KC-135(B-707), B-727, B-737, Bombardier CL601-3A, British Aerospace BAe Jetstream 4101, Canadair Regional Jet Model CRJ200 Cl-600-2B19, CL-601, Cessna C310, CJ-525, 551, dassualt Falcon Jet Fan Jet Series F, Mystere-Falcon 50, 50EX, Mystere-Falcon 900, Falcon 900EX, Falcon 2000, Falcon 2000EX, DeHaviland DHC-6, Embraer EMB-120, ERJ-170, Fokker F.28 Mark 0100, Gulfstream G-159, G-159C, G-1159, G-1159A, Israel Aircraft 1124 Westwind, Learjet 31A, 35, 35A, 36, 36A, Lockheed C-130, C-141, C-5, P-3/7, L-1011, F-22, McDonnell Douglas F-15, F-18, CD-9, Mooney M20C, Pilatus P-6, Piper PA-32R-301T, PA-260, PA-31-310, PA-46-350P, Pratt and Whitney PT6A and F-119 Gas Turbine Engine, Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster, TechSphere Spherical Airship, and methods development in the areas of strength, fatigue and damage tolerance.  Being involved in all phases from new design to aging, from minor to major repairs, supporting return-to-service approvals to STCs and PMAs and certification efforts. 

Professional Highlights

  • 1995 - present: Thomas W. Deiters, Inc.

    • Support for the following FAA STC, field installations, projects and repairs; antennas, flap, aileron, elevator, rudder, fuselage, Alternate Methods of Compliance (AMOC) repairs, radome installations, spoiler repair, lavatory installations, Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) STC, medical oxygen racks, medical bed, installation of external devices under either left or right wings, engine combustor repair, spherical airship certification, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, cloud droplet probe system

    • Additional support for PMAs, small arms fire damage repairs, fire fighting accident lawsuit support witness, implementation of Hsu load interaction and spectra methods in AFGROW and generated comprehensive report on same, windshield and direct vision window fatigue test witness, structural test infrared radar witness, fuselage durability study and aircraft battle damage assessment (ABDR), dual port camera provisions, air force corrosion fatigue structural demonstration effort corrosion fatigue metric methods, repair assessment guideline program, provided structural analysis, stress analysis, and structural substantiation

  • 1992 - 1999: Lockheed Martin

    • Performed the detailed static analysis, fatigue, and crack growth life predictions of the F-22 forward fuselage structure

    • Conducted stress analysis for C-5

    • Conducted a service life analysis program for USN KC-130F/R tankers

    • C-130 QAD design support and aircraft battle damage repair

    • Provided fatigue substantiation of High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT), NASA funded

    • Provided recommendations for an automated process for stress intensity factor development

    • Participated in a procedure to predict the residual strength of L-1011 fuselage lap splice structures containing multiple site damage (MSD)

  • 1991: Northrop Grumman

  • 1989 - 1990: Lockheed Martin

    • Research and development for C-130 Multiple Launch Rocket System

    • Completed a C-130 ASIP project for the Republic of Singapore

    • Stress analysis and damage tolerance analysis support of the P-7A Navy transport

  • 1988: McDonnell Douglas

    • Durability and damage tolerance evaluation for the F/A-18 Swiss Air Force

    • Support for F-15E derivative to meet damage tolerance analysis requirements

  • 1987: USBI Booster Production Company

    • Analyst for damage tolerance analysis recertification effort of the solid rocket booster of the Space Transportation System

  • 1986: McDonnell Douglas, supporting CASA Aircraft

    • Damage tolerance analysis for FAA certification of CASA's CN-235

  • 1984 - 1985: Pratt & Whitney

    • Structural, low cycle fatigue, and damage tolerance analysis of the high and low turbine rotor disk for the F-119 gas turbine engine

  • 1980 - 1983: Lockheed Martin

    • Durability and damage tolerance analysis of C-130 Hercules


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering - University of Cincinnati

  • Associate of Arts Degree in Civil Engineering - Cincinnati Technical College

  • Member of Chi Epsilon, the civil engineering honor society

Recent CPE

  • September 2019 Professional Ethics for Ohio Engineers (Online) (RPUH.NTXL.TJRS),

  • September 2019 Engineering Designee Recurrent General Training Overview (Online) (27200138),

  • September 2019 Fundamentals of Risk Analysis (Online) (27200019),

  • November 2018 received the Certificate of Specialization in Aircraft Structures track, University of Kansas Continuing Education,

  • November 2018 Short course, "Structural Composites", University of Kansas Continuing Education,

  • October 2018 Introduction to Fatigue and Fatigue Management (27200056)

  • October 2017 Seminar DER Recurrent General Session (Online) (27200129),

  • October 2017 Engineering Designee Training Program Overview (Online) (27200119),

  • October 2017 Aircraft Seat Dynamic Impact Test Procedures - History and Background (8 Hours)(Online) (27200048),

  • November 2016 Short course, "Cabin Safety and Crashworthiness of Aircraft Cabin Interiors", University of Kansas Continuing Education,

  • July 2015 Seminar, FAA DER, Atlanta, Georgia,

  • March 2015 Structures Seminar, FAA DER, online course,

  • November 2014 - "Aircraft Structures Design and Analysis", University of Kansas Continuing Education

  • December 2013 - Seminar, FAA DER, Atlanta, Georgia

  • April 2013 - Structures Seminar, FAA DER, online course

  • November 2012 - "Aircraft Structural Loads: Requirements, Analysis, Testing And Certification", University of Kansas Continuing Education

  • June 2011 - Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Workshop, FAA, Atlanta, Georgia

  • June 2011 - Seminar, FAA DER, Atlanta, Georgia            (470) 313 - 5542